Live at the Regent Theatre

Downtown Los Angeles, CA

September 5th, 2018

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

The notorious PIG, aka Raymond Watts returns to Los Angeles preaching his perverted sermon in it's latest incarnation, "Risen". Piggy-backing on legendary musical pioneers Killing Joke's 40th anniversary tour, the Lord of Lard was presenting a special show to a potentially all-new flock.

I have been a fan of PIG's work since his earliest days with seminal industrial rock band KMFDM and his subsequent solo career. "Risen" represents a culmination of sorts in a recent glut of material over the last three years after a ten year hiatus from the mind and voice of Watts.

With a welcome comeback in 2016 in the form of "The Gospel", it seems that PIG truly has risen and has been touring annually to spread the word since.

PIG took the stage and kicked off the set with "The Chosen Few" from the latest album. The lyrics tell how "we don't want heaven crammed with the likes of you", it's "Apocalypse for one and all". Signature verse from the PIG, as he points out the horrid hypocrisy of the religious "right".

Joining Raymond on stage for this outting was Ben Christo on guitar and Vinnie Velazco on drums. Ben also sang backing vocals on many of the songs. I was not familiar with either artist, but they did a great job while Raymond moved about the stage and gestured emphatically, adding emphasis to his sermon.

"The Revelation" is featured both on "Risen" and "The Gospel" in different forms but comes to the same conclusion, "Truth is Sin". Continuing the set with the an example of his love for alliterations, "Loud, Lawless, & Lost" was up next followed by another song from the latest release, "Morphine Machine".

"Leather Pig" rounded out the offerings from the "Risen" before delving into some past material. Those steps were taken slowly as the first one back was "Prey & Obey". I love his attack on manipulative clergy and this song is as poignant as they come.

My favorite song of the set was definitely "The Diamond Sinners". I sang along to with everyone else, especially for the chorus, "Hallelujah, the drunken Devil is speaking through you!"

Going back to his KMFDM days, they did a cover of "Juke Joint Jezebel", arguably the bands' most well known single. They also hit up "My Secret Skin" from the KMFDM vs PIG EP from that era.

Another favorite of mine was "Viva Evil". A little bit cheesy, a little bit silly, but a whole lot of evil got the crowd swaying. This song pretty much brought a close to the set but they had time for one more.

Raymond announced that it would be a real old one and with his enormous back catalog, he could have chosen just about anything and we would have loved it, but he has one song that he pretty much does every tour and it was that one that he closed out the night once again with; "Find it, Fuck it, Forget it".

It was a great set, and as much as I wish we had a few more of the classic songs, I also understand the need to present the latest material, especially to an audience that may have never heard of him before. It was interesting seeing him play without En Esch or Gunter as they have accompanied him on the last few tours.

The duo he had on stage with him this time did a great job, but En Esch really does bring a lot in the way of backing vocals and the dual guitar assault is always welcome. I was glad to see the KMFDM portion reduced, as much as I love those songs I really do want to see PIG do his own awesome material.

PIG is playing Los Angeles again next month so if you missed this show or just need more PIG in your life, the opportunity is right around the corner.

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