Travis' Commentary:

Well, I’ve never been a huge And One fan honestly so when the opportunity came up to sit in on the Skinny Puppy press conference (see Skinny Puppy section for details) I of course jumped at it…the conference was just before And One and went into their set several songs. Unfortunately, they only allow photo-pass holders into the photo area for the first three songs, and well I missed it…it was too dark to photograph properly from any distance… so yes, that is right, I am making excuses for having zero photographs of this band even though I was present…(just look at the press conference photos and info though, more than a fair trade off)

What I will comment on however, is my perception of the performance. There were three guys on stage, one on keyboards and two jumping around, singing. The lights were good, the sound was good, but I just didn't get into it. They in some ways reminded me of early Front 242 gigs - I guess in stage setup but not in sound. The fans of And One were really enjoying them and as I said the sound was really good, and carried across the festival grounds really well. The stage setup and performance came across very professional…..I guess I was just anticipating the next act too much and there wasn’t enough new or exciting things happening performance wise or musically to enthrall me.