Live at the Whisky a Go Go

Los Angeles, CA

March 21st, 2018

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

MGT is the alias of Mark Gemini Thwaite, a British musician that has played guitar with some of the biggest names in the goth scene. From The Mission to Peter Murphy, he has been involved with so many projects ranging all over the genre map.

He is currently touring with Ashton Nyte of The Awakening as the duo put out an album called "Gemini Nyte" earlier this year. Joining them on stage is Richard Vernon from The Mission on bass guitar and Jared Shavelson on drums.

Ashton's voice brings to mind Peter Murphy's solo material with a deep and haunting quality that has become a signature sound of the goth scene and is quite to my liking.

They opened the set with "Jesamine" from the "Volumes" album which was Mark and Ashton's first collaboration. They moved to "The Reaping" and on to "Every Little Dream" from their latest album together.

"Armageddon's Sideshow" pushed the sound into a bit heavier of a rock drive and they stayed with the "Gemini Nyte" material for a few in a row with "Everything Undone" and "All the Broken Things".

They did a song called "Seconds" which was originally a collaboration with the artist known as Saffron and then moved on to "Trading Faces" from their latest album.

"Dystopia" and "Assembly Line" came from this release as well with the latter having a special guest, Burton C. Bell from Fear Factory and Ascension of the Watchers fame, join them on stage for an a moving duet.

"Fault" comes from Ashton's own project "The Awakening" which I was not familiar with before, but really enjoyed. They played a classic selection from The Mission with "Butterfly on a Wheel" before finishing the night with "Knowing Me Knowing You" which was originally voiced by Ville Vallo of HIM but Ashton did a great job as their styles are not all that different.

It was a great night of gothic rock and was really cool to see MGT and the group in a live setting. Mark Gemini Thaite is a super talented guitarist and song writer who has been involved with everyone from Revolting Cocks and Gary Numan to Imperative Reaction and Primitive Race beyond his track record with gothic greats. I am looking forward to whatever projects he has on the horizon.

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