Night Club

Live at the Regent Theatre

Downtown Los Angeles, CA

June 30th, 2018

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Electro-industrial-pop darlings, Night Club conclude an extensive U.S. tour with a hometown show in Los Angeles. Touring with electroheads, Combichrist and schlock-rock horror meisters, Wednesday 13, Night Club provided an energetic dance party to get everyone moving and in the groove.

Featuring the duo of Emily Kavanaugh and Mark Brooks, Night Club revel in dirty synths, danceable beats, and poptasticly accessible vocals with a dark and twisted edge.

They kicked off their set with a song appropriate for the assembled congregation with "Freak Like Me". Emily is a bundle of live wires, moving about the stage in a constant flurry of motion. She dances, she flails, and all while letting her catchy melodies seep deep into your brain.

They followed up with "Show It 2 Me" which proved to be a crowd favorite. Fans were loudly declaring their love for the band and Emily which she responded in kind to.

Emily introduced the next song as their new single, "Candy Coated Suicide" from their upcoming album, "Scary World", due this August. This song is definitely catchy and stuck in my head from the first view of the twisted music video they produced for it.

"Blood on Your Blade" was a song that I did not recognize as it is not on their debut full-length release, "Requiem for Romance". This was my favorite song of the set, both because it was new to me and has a more sinister edge than the rest of the songs.

"Pray" kept the set moving on this dark path including a nice synth break down by Mark. They hit the final portion of their set as Emily announced that they had time for two more.

It was evident that these would be their two fan-favorite singles, "Dear Enemy" and "Bad Girl", which the crowd emphatically reacted to. Emily graciously thanked the full concert hall and asked everyone to put their hands in the air for a final selfie with the audience behind them to conclude the tour.

Night Club were great to see live again. They are full-on entertainment and a joy to witness as they put their own playful twist on what many times can be a humorless genre. Emily carries this wit and attitude over to her social media so I recommend following Night Club to keep the party going.

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