Travis' Review:

Phillip Boa and the Voodoo Club

I'm sorry but I did not enjoy this. I remember back around 1993 or '94 getting a disc from a friend of Phillip Boa doing really poppy techno kind of stuff. Later from that same friend, I was given a copy of the Voodoo Club in their first incarnation and they were kind of metal, sort of cross-over but not really. Well, in the present incarnation, they were neither of these things but either would have been preferable. It was really mediocre pop stuff with a female back-up and him running around looking a little bit like Crispin Glover but none of the quirky actor's mystique or charisma.

I know a lot of people felt differently at the show as the crowd was immensely into the performance (I saw young children - like seven or eight - with parents all wearing his shirts and merchandise so he definitely has saturated the mainstream German music scene). This however was the only band that I thought the set was too long and a bit painful to watch.