Siechtum is the side project of L'ame Immortelle's main man, Thomas Rainer. Siechtum takes a much more power noise approach with it's structures, however.

The first two albums were strictly noise endeavors with no vocals and limited dialogue samples but focusing on percussive beats.

With the last album: "diagnose:zeit" we still find the percussive beats but along with them, we find vocals and more structured song flow as well.

It was for this new album what we caught them live. The photo-pit was entirely full due to this being a rare occurrence of them performing under this moniker and this material.

The show was energy driven and powerful, with the crowd getting very excited with each song and Thomas was very enthusiastic on stage as well.

I wish I could have gotten better positioning for the photos but these express the energy nicely and I can assure you the power of the music was awesome.

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