In the advent that you are viewing this page and there are no glorious pictures of Andrew and crew it is due to the fact that I was denied authorization to use my own pictures. Here is how this worked. Before we were allowed into the photo area we were obligated to sign a contract which gave away our rights as photographers per say in that Eldritch's press team has all final say in the use and publication of any photos taken of the band. The contract stated all negatives or cd-roms had to be to the press office no later than a week after the show but I was still in Europe and well, I guess they either didn't care for my tardiness or didn't like the pictures. Sorry, but blame the band in this case. I took, what I thought, were some pretty decent pictures of Andrew so oh well.

There is a chance that approval may be still coming in the future so check back here and perhaps you will get to see som picutres of these guys...

Virtual Night Angel's Review:


Andrew Eldritch's voice is the ultimate gothic voice. The music of the Sisters of Mercy is so powerful. Songs like, "Alice", "Temple Of Love", and "Detonation Boulevard" put me in a really good mood. The sound of The Sisters of Mercy still feels so great. This was by far the best view I ever had of Andrew Eldritch.

To this day, Andrew Eldritch still sounds great. Some of The Sisters of Mercy's songs are so classic. Songs like, "Ribbons", "Doctor Jeep" and "More" keep me putting in the CD's and listening to the band time and time again. I think the guitar is used very well in this band.

I wish I could hear more remixes from The Sisters of Mercy and more new material. I don't think they should stop creating new music. I found out the band continued touring after the Doomsday Festival until the beginning of September.

Andrew is always so obscured by smoke on stage all the time, I can't imagine him playing in the daylight ever. The sound, volume, and clarity of Andrew's vocals were great for the show. The Sisters of Mercy are still a great inspiration for anyone, especially for their longtime fans.

Travis' Review:

I had recently seen The Sisters in Los Angeles but they really surpassed that night’s performance with this festival show. I don’t know if it was the open air, the energy of the crowd, or if they were just “more on” this night but it was excellent to experience them in this setting. Andrew was dressed all in white, his hair platinum. He was energetic and expressive, moving around the stage and singing with a voice that still has all the power and emotion that sucked you into the Sisters over a decade ago.

The bassist and guitarist were the same competent pair that accompanied him on the last tour and amazingly I could actually see them! Fog banks usually have played such interference with vision that you end up with just a vague impression of the members of the band but you could even make out Andrew and he looked young, healthy and seemed to be really enjoying himself. He roamed back and forth across the vast stage playing to the responsive audience. They performed favorites from Temple of Love to the best tracks off of Vision Thing to everything in between with zeal and energy. I’ve read places that a large portion of the show is new or unrecorded material but I seemed to recognize most if not all the songs. It was really a great show, the best one I've seen over all these years.

So ended the amazing first day of the festival and with tired legs, sun-exposed skin, and dehydrated bodies we walked to our hotel to try and get enough sleep so we didn’t feel today tomorrow.