Virtual Night Angel's Review:

Terminal Choice's Chris Pohl is such an impressive music composer and a prominent musician from Berlin, Germany. I was so excited Terminal Choice would perform at Doomsday. There was an awesome ominous introduction with the keyboardist in front on stage. He stood tall with a stick of burning fire in each hand.

There is just something very admirable and intriguing about Chris Pohl. He is dark like a blood sucking vampire. In fact, he fascinates me. I like hearing his songs and imagining the pictures he invokes in my mind. Chris is great in front of an audience. He's professional and has high expectations to be involved in Terminal Choice, BlutEngel, and Tumor. I love the past work he did as Seelenkrank. There was a total of five men on stage. I love the guitars on the new songs by Terminal Choice. Chris looked so awesome. He wore a white Terminal Choice logo armband, with an apron/skirt that was attached to black pants. He also had on a black mesh shirt.

He did the songs, "Totes Fleisch", "Animal", "Time", and "Armageddon". I really enjoyed meeting Chris and Katie from BlutEngel. Katie spoke English well, as did Chris. Katie was very likable and I complimented her on her singing. Katie said that she would like to sing more in the future.

I tried to set up an interview but Chris wasn't feeling good after the performance. I basically approached Chris once at the Out of Line booth when I got his autograph on the interview I had prepared. Once again after (I think) he had just eaten. Once again when we were drinking with Christian and Alex. I was disappointed it did not end up working out. I have since sent Chris a disc with pictures of him and the band, plus a hard copy of the interview.

I e-mailed him the interview and suggested he let me call him for a much more personal phone interview. No response yet.

I was so glad I saw Terminal Choice. I really just focused on Chris. I did not really see the band And One when they played later, since I had found Alex and Christian Arni who run the Terminal Choice web site in Germany. They introduced us to their friends and we said hi again to Chris Pohl. We were all talking by the different label booths and Travis and I decided to just hang out there. The web site dudes were very friendly and cool. These were definitely some top notch fans. I was able to totally communicate with Alex. There were only very minor instances when I didn't fully understand, but I got the general idea.

I wish I would have seen the band And One. I've heard And One before and thought they were OK. I had never seen them live and they sounded good. They were not annoying like Philip Boa & The Voodoo Club. It was unfortunate I missed a few bands, but I saw all of the ones I had my heart set on.

Travis' Comments on:

Terminal Choice

The second band I saw on Day Two was a long-time followed act by myself and my girlfriend (especially my girlfriend). We listen to Christian Pohl under this moniker and also appreciate his side projects Seelenkrank, Tumor, and Blutengel.

The stage setup began with two guitarists on stage, one in a skirt looking sort of like a member of Marilyn Manson (not really complimentary in my book), and the other a big guy with a hockey mask. Next the keyboard player, wearing a Hannibal (the cannibal) mask and holding two flaming rods emerged with the drummer. All of them stood menacingly stoic for a beat and then took their places as Chris emerged. He wore satiny pants with a skirt type arrangement over the top of a similar material and a mesh long-sleeve shirt. He had his customary contacts in, his hair slicked back and jet black.

They began the set with Totes Fleisch. Chris’ menacing expressions, inch-long talons, and emphatic arm gestures lent presence and intent behind the diabolical lyrics. The crowd reacted very positively, intersparsing screaming for chanting along with the chorus at appropriate intervals.

The set went on to mostly new material off of Ominous Future such as "Armageddon", "Savior", and "Time"; all which are good songs, especially for a live situation.

I would have liked to see a few more old ones, specifically "Witch Hunter", my personal favorite of his material but I did enjoy the performance and thought their stage persona was fitting for my mental image of the band.

We also met up with Chris later on at the festival to find him very polite and friendly and very tall, being at least 6’2 to 6’3 (same height as myself and we are apparently the same age as well (28)). In person, he was less imposing despite his height but mostly due to not having his contacts in.

We also met the guys who do the Terminal Choice website, namely Christian and Alex. Both of these guys and their small group of friends were having an extraordinary time and were great fun to hang out with. (thanks for the beers guys).