Travis' Doomsday review Introduction

Doomsday Review

General Comments about the festival:

As an overall note, I would like to commend the promoters and everyone involved at INMOVE and Orkus as this thing went off without a hitch and was in every way what was promised and then some. It was so worth the cost of international travel and braving Europe for the first time (which kicked ass overall). I would also like to thank Mario Seelig for getting me the photo-pass that allowed me into proximity to get some of these photos to share with you, he was a great guy who did a lot of work and even got to enjoy the show.

Seeing how much work it is to handle the technical aspects of a show this big and with that many hours of live entertainment it is truly amazing how great the sound was and really made an enjoyable listening experience. You could have recorded any of the bands these days for a live album and been extremely happy with the results (especially Skinny Puppy).

The crowd members themselves were like nothing I’ve encountered here in the states. Despite near 90 degree (F not C) heat, the outfits and fashion were surreal, so many cool and interesting individuals, literally thousands of them. I’ve never seen so many beautiful rivet-heads and goths in one place (or so many cool-ass-freaks either). I wish I could have met so many more people (or better yet that I could speak coherent German to communicate with them) but it was excellent just being in their presence and one of their number.

There was a plethora of booths offering everything from piercing and tattoo services to cutting edge goth dress and accessories to smoking paraphernalia to an Orkus booth with dozens of back issues to all of the unbelievable booths selling the music itself…hundreds of CD’s (and you wouldn’t believe how cheap, especially with the current value of the US dollar to the Mark)…T-shirts of all your favorite bands everywhere, it was just incredible.

Overall, I’d say this was the coolest music event I’ve had the opportunity of being involved with.