Virtual Night Angel's Review

I was so excited when I read the e-mail from In Move about Velvet Acid Christ being added to the line-up.
Once, I spoke to Disease Factory, lead man of Velvet Acid Christ on the telephone. We had been writing to each other on the internet, but he was so real and intense during our telephone conversation. He played music over the phone for me. It was a great thought to think I could meet him finally.
I am so glad I did meet him on the second day of the festival, August twentieth. Velvet Acid Christ was the first band we saw. Disease Factory was wild and whipping his hair and body all around. He had some hair hanging down in the front, but mostly it was a spiky, long mohawk. It was in the high eighty degrees, plus there was humidity. On stage he announced to everyone that he was way too fucking hot and dying from the heat on stage. Just a little warning in case he passed out, if it would have came to that, which it did not.

All the people really got into Velvet Acid Christ and many knew all the songs. "Futile", "Fun With Drugs," and "Malfunction" were all done especially well live. Hearing Velvet Acid Christ is worth going out of your way for. I loved hearing all these cool Johnny Depp acid related clips of him hallucinating from psychedelic drugs (from "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas") live in Germany.
It felt very right for Disease Factory to freak out and spazz around as he sang his wicked ways to everyone. Disease Factory is very, very talented and I love his dark fucked up, fast, gloom sound.
There is no doubt Velvet Acid Christ is loved by many. Bryan, if you ever need anything just ask me; especially if and when you do decide to take a trip to sunny Los Angeles, California.
Hearing "Decypher" live was great, all the songs just flowed together and everyone was dancing. Who gives a shit if it's daylight? We were dancing while watching Velvet Acid Christ live. Just the name Velvet Acid Christ excites fans. I like all his material. I was just recently listening to, "Timeless Visions" and "Pray For Life" off the "Calling Of The Dead" CD.
Disease Factory makes movies more fun again. He chooses the best clips, usually of someone losing their composure and really goes off, turning the dialogue clips into his own new creative visions. Velvet Acid Christ uses a tool that's been done before but he uses it very well. Thanks for a very exceptional and exhilarating live performance.

Velvet Acid Christ

Travis' review:

We arrived just in time for Velvet Acid Christ. Having been a fan for quite some time yet never getting to see them perform live, this was highly anticipated. As honorable and venerable a band as LPD is, I felt VAC fit the attitude of the festival much more so and I was happy for the lineup change.

Velvet Acid Christ consisted first and foremost of Disease Factory with his infamous hair-do of spikes and adorned in a Godflesh t-shirt for comfort. He came out and resound-checked his setup along with his two keyboard players, both sporting magenta died hair.

After a moment of microphone trouble (the only super minor technical issue of the entire show that I witnessed, another nod to InMove's planning) everything was in order and they performed.

They opened with Futile, an excellent track that had even more energy and angst live. Disease Factory spazzed all over the stage, singing and screaming the lyrics to the point that literally his entire head was bright red (see photos).

He was as wild and energetic of a front man as the music calls for. The set included a fantastic version of "Fun with Drugs", "Decypher", and my all time favorite VAC song, "Malfunction".

It was so hot, you could tell he was dying on stage (actually his quote was “I’m fucking dying up here”) but just kept giving it his all. I wish the set could have gone on longer as there are so many awesome VAC songs but I was extremely satisfied with the experience.

We had the opportunity to meet Bryan aka Disease Factory afterwards and let him know how much we enjoyed the show. I hope he can get set up with a decent tour in the States soon with some complimentary acts.