Wednesday 13

Live at the Regent Theatre

Downtown Los Angeles, CA

June 30th, 2018

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Schlock-rock horror meisters, Wednesday 13 return to Los Angeles for the final night of their extensive North American jaunt with Combichrist and Night Club.

A little bit Marilyn Manson, a whole lot of Alice Cooper, and a ton of their own sense of humor dosed in a bloodbath of horror references, Wednesday 13 offer up a deluge of alternative dark metal that somehow ends up not being out of place performing in between an industrial elecro-pop dance party and a skull-crushing electro-industrial stomp fest.

I have had the privilege of seeing Wednesday 13 perform before, and he has mastered the craft of on-stage schtick that is truly creepy and frames his carnival-of-horrors style perfectly. Using costume changes and props, he brings the show to stage-show.

Wednesday 13 is based around the vocalist and showman who goes under that moniker, but he is supported by a talented group of Gothic rockers; Roman Surman on guitar, Jack Tankersley also on guitar, Tory Doebbler on bass guitar, and Kyle Castronovo on drums.

Wednesday 13 kicked off their set with the awesome "What the Night Brings" which is the opening track of their latest record, "Condolences". Staying with material from this release they followed up with "Blood Sick".

"Scream Baby Scream" from their "Skeletons" album had the audience singing along which lead into the instrumental "Bloodline 666" while Wednesday left the stage.  He returned in a black devil mask and cape for "Serpent Society". Towering over the audience on a riser with his hands raised in devil horns, he cast a most sinister silhouette.

Another segue in the form of "Eulogy XIII" gave him a moment to reconfigure himself once more. He appeared shirtless with a second face growing out the back of his head.  He would spin around and arch his back in such a way that gave the impression his head had spun around exorcist style as he performed "Prey for Me". It was definitely a creepily effective gag spinning from front to back and quite fun for the audience to witness.

They continued the set with a medley of sorts, combining "Blood Sucker" and "Gimmie Gimmie Bloodshed". Wednesday 13 slipped from the stage once more to re-emerge in a white suit jacket and white devil mask that was quite impressive. He held aloft the "Book of 13" and did one of my favorite songs of theirs, the title song from "Condolences".

The band left the stage as "Blood Fades to Black" played but quickly returned for a mini-encore. They did what basically amounts to a four song medley of older material as well as material from Wednesday's other projects. "I Want You...Dead" ran into the fan-favorite "I Walked With a Zombie".

This migrated to one of my other favorite songs they do, "I Love to Say Fuck". Wednesday donned a dapper top hat and had a hilarious umbrella with a giant middle finger that he would aim out at the crowd during the chorus.

This ran into the final segment of "Bad Things" and Wednesday had a series of funny signs he would hold aloft as he thanked the fans, the other bands, and made good natured fun of his band mates.

It was a great show, although abbreviated compared to his headlining gigs, the crowd got a good impression of their entire repertoire, and a solid dose of their horror themed humor.

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