Virtual Night Angel's review:

Wolfsheim is vocalist Peter Heppner and musician Markus Reinhardt.

I love their songs, especially, "Touch" and having the opportunity to hear it done live is a great memory for me. Both Peter and Markus are very sincere musicians. Peter has such a talented voice to share. Peter deserves it all. He was so calm and concise and his voice is so soothing on stage.

The new double CD, "Spectators" is amazing. It is the first CD I have purchased by Wolfsheim, but I look forward to owning them all. The lyrics, chorus, and magnificent style of the songs are so beautiful and complete. Just hearing the first few seconds of the introduction music prepares the listener for an innovative, exciting journey. If you haven't heard Wolsheim they are a harmonious and expressive band.

Wolsheim is quite popular and incredibly enjoyable. If you want to hear something tasteful, mature, deep, rich, with some sensitivity, you will be fond of Wolsheim.

Peter sang from behind a podium with intricate sperm carvings on the bottom. I did not mind Peter standing still. He was focusing on his vocals and it was worth it. Markus is so skilled in music. The stack of Wolsheim CD's available at the CD booths was immense. There are so many cool titles with interesting CD covers to tempt me. Listening to the gifted duo, Wolsheim, is a dreamy and cheerful experience.

Travis' Review of:


I have only been familiar with this band for a short time but I really grew to appreciate the amazing voice and melodic if not melancholic music the two combine totalling a very emotive work. I was really looking forward to seeing them live even though I had only been introduced to the "Spectators" CD and some comp tracks.

The stage was basically a pair of giant pin-wheel type fans of sheet metal suspended in the back with a podium decorated with little sperm motifs up front and finally the large keyboard rack in between.

The singer and keyboard player took the stage together to immense applause and reaction from the crowd. The singer set his music book down on the podium, opened the first page and they began.

The sound of his voice was flawless as were the keyboard player’s fingers as he worked his instrument. The vocalist is not a hyper or vigorously active performer, he stands in one spot and gives his all in the form of his voice alone, but it is by far enough to captivate the audience.

The large metal fans to the rear of the stage begin spinning as smoke clouds poor out, forming multi-colored swirling phantasmal vortexes around the duo on stage. Occasional bursts of reflective confetti get shot out over the crowd, glittering in the lights as they descend whirling like little chrome dervishes.

All of these visuals were really inconsequential as the music was amazing, every song perfect and powerful. Some of the song highlights for me included “Once in a Lifetime”, "Heroine she Said” and “Kunstliche Welter”. The audience seemed to respond the strongest to “The Sparrows and the Nightingales”.

The duo performed as a perfect team, always looking to each other for timings and beats, it was not disappointing to see them in the flesh