Virtual Night Angel's Comments:

Zeromancer began just as we arrived to the festival on the first day. Zeromancer consisted of five members: the vocalist Alex, Kim sings and plays bass, Erik is the programmer, Noralf plays drums, and Chris is the guitarist.

The band was very up beat. The title track, "Clone Your Lover" was catchy live. Alex had short black hair and long black gloves on. His hand warmers made him look like a fame dancer. His voice is a darker, pop vocal style. The song "Flagellation" has a nice rhythm to it. My favorite tracks are "Opelwerk", "Die of a Broken Heart", and "House of Cards". The song, "Flirt" (with me) sounded great live. The guitar was sometimes alternative, having a grunge sound. One track had an older punk feel. The audience totally enjoyed the band as they were fun to watch and entertaining to hear live. We did end up buying the CD, due to their sound and performance. To me, Zeromancer sound even better live. These guys have a great web site which should definitely be seen.


Travis' comments:

The sun was out and it was a beautiful mid-day (even by Southern California standards) as Zeromancer took the stage. The first impression the band gives is of a well put together hard-edge pop outfit. The music isn’t exactly mind-blowing but it certainly didn’t fall into “bad” or “painfull to listen to”. The band had a decent stage presence primarily for the energetic lead singer in his trademark black gloves crooning “Clone your Lover” and other songs off the album of the same name.

This was my first encounter with the band other than spotting pictures of them in Sideline and Orkus (hence why I knew the gloves were a trademark apparel piece) and overall I liked them enough to pick up the CD afterwards and give them a bit of a more focused listening. In all honesty, they are a bit “light” and bit “poppy” for my tastes but do have some harder-edged songs as well. I’ll definitely be listening to their disc again if for no other reason than I have that “Clone your Lover” song stuck in my head.