12. Virtual: I've heard about many bands getting their equipment stolen. What are you going to do to prevent this?

Blayne: Shhhhhh We have taken percautions, actually.
Brittain: Did you ever see that James Bond film where they bust the glass on that Lotus and the car exploded? That's what we're going to do. That's our security system.
Blayne: Someone is going to be sleeping in the van the whole night and we got a knife you would not believe.
John: The scariest knife you've ever seen, actually you've probably seen some pretty scary knives.

13. Virtual: What's the band's view on drugs and alcohol?

Blayne: It's hard not to be hypocritical when you talk about drugs.
Brittain: I would prefer the individual to have the choice, the decision, if they wanted it. To be educated instead of having an idea crammed down their throat.
Blayne: Basically drugs are for some people and not for other people. It's hard for an individual to decide whether or not they are the person that can handle drugs, but I am.

14. Virtual: What are some of your other interests and hobbies?

Blayne: We're all actively involved in all realms of smut.
John: Computers, the internet, multi media, I think we all enjoy that.

15. Virtual: I love both the videos I've seen, "Backwash" and "Obsess". Will they ever be released? Have you done any other videos?

John: Yes, there is also one for "Disease".
Blayne: We're in pre-production for "Hurt Hate Lies". The main thing we want to do is put them all out in one package. That is something we can put out as a band because videos are really important to us. The songs for me especially conjures up a lot of imagery and I'd like to see that captured in one way, shape, form or another.

16. Virtual: I noticed that both Blayne and Brittain have piercings. (Blayne's lip and Brittain's tongue) Was the piercings done to make you look tuff, was it something spiritual, do you think it's erotic, what?

Brittain: All of the above really.
Blayne: I'm a jewelry type of guy.
John: Yeah, I know Brittain feels more tuff.
Brittain: Did you say, "tuff"? I don't think it's a tuff thing.
Blayne: I think it offers more opportunity for people to go, "fag", and want to kick your ass.
Brittain: Being badgered by old people, that will make you even more tuff.
Blayne: Especially by our relatives.

17. Virtual: John, how is it working with two brothers? How long have you known Blayne and Brittain?

John: Blayne I knew from awhile back. I did sound for his old band which Brittain was in as well. We met up when I was playing with Minus Sign.
Brittain: I don't think John seems to remember but he and I went to high school together.
John: Oh.
Brittain: We didn't really know each other or hang out or anything but I knew who he was.
John: They aren't like normal brothers. They hardly ever fight anymore. We're all very close.
Brittain: We're all brothers here.

18. Virtual: What compilations are you on besides "Forced Cranial Removal"?

John: We are suppose to be on the Cyberden compilation called, "Iron Wings", our song "Disease".
Blayne: We were suppose to do the "With Sympathy" cover compilation, but we pulled out because of the tour. We'll be on Chase's rap cover compilation, "Operation Beat Box".

19. Virtual: What label has the most CD's you like?

John: In my CD collection, as far as the most CD's, that would be Nettwerk because I have all the Skinny Puppy albums that were ever done. I do like Chase's label.
Blayne: I know a lot of people that look at ads for a label and go, "I've never heard of that band before, I'll check them out because they're on the label". (Which is really, really cool) I've never been that way, I probably should be. I just listen to it if it sounds good.
Brittain: No, I don't look at labels as being anything more than just a marketing tool for the band. I listen to the music I like, it doesn't matter what label puts it out. I have no idea what I have as far as labels are concerned, I just have bands.

Insight 23 Continued