18 Summers:

I had only just encountered the band known as Silke Bischoff with the last album: "Felix in the Sky/Phoenix from the Flames" material when they had to change their name to 18 summers. In order to appreciate the name change I will direct you to their official site at the end of this feature.

I had not heard the new material but knew what to expect from Felix, which is a dark romantic at heart but with a sometimes psychotic twist and a visual sense of flare to captivate and add a beautiful side to any psychotic tendencies that may prevail.

We had the opportunity to meet Felix and Frank in the press area and they were both extremely cool people. Felix gave us a copy of his new album "Virgin Mary" under the new band name and we listened to it as soon as we got back to the hotel.

The next day we were slightly more prepared for the set, but wish we had a lot more time with the disc as it was really good.

The photo-pit line was enormous. You can always tell highly anticipated performances when even the journalists are acting up. Some technical delays began to disturb the over anxious audience.

After a bit it became apparent that with the number of acts these festivals have lined up that too long of a delay could not mean good things.

Felix came out and apologized but they were not getting power. They waited a short bit longer but then decided to proceed with an acoustic set.

Some of the fans were dissappointed, but myself, having never seen them live- I was still happy. It is very impressive when a band can just proceed with an all acoustic set when so many rely so heavily on electronics.

They did a number of the favorites from the Silke Bischoff albums and featured on the "Down in the Park" live recording.

Finally power was restored and they were able to do some of their brand new material like the title track "Virgin Mary", and the anthem "Girl of 18 Summers". I felt it was a great show and they did good handling the technical difficulties.

Felix has an awesome voice and Frank is super talented. Their support band did a great job and I would love to see them again for a full set of the new material.

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