Live at The Viper Room

Los Angeles, California

September 2nd, 2016

Review and Photos by Travis Baumann

Nearly a year later, 3teeth return to the Viper Room on the Sunset Strip, and what a year it has been for them. From a supporting role on Tool's latest tour, to sold out shows the world over for their own headlining gigs, these guys have come a long way, and deservedly so.

3teeth are Alexis Mincolla on vocals, Xavier Swafford on keyboards, Chase Brawner blowing things up on guitar, and Andrew Means in the back on drums. The four on stage create an explosive package of full-on Industrial Rock, throwing it back to the best of the early 1990's.

They started off the set with "Nihil", which in one word and one song, sums up a lot about 3teeth's musical style and statement. Resurrecting the angst and output of the anti-corporate, anti-conforming strengths of the old underground, they bring an intensity to live music that many bands in this genre sadly lack.

Up next, they did "X-Day" followed by "Final Product". The audience was lively and excited, also two things that in this genre that can be found lacking. It's amazing when the right chemistry of a band proves to be so much better than the sum of its parts on paper. They did one of my favorite songs next with "Dust".

A mosh pit broke out in the small venue and everyone in the front got mangled, I ended up with the back of my leg bleeding thanks to someone with spiked boots.

They did "Slavegod" followed by a new song. The internet says it was "Insubstantia" and it was really cool. "Chasm" came in between another new one, potentially the title track off the next album, "SHUTDOWN.EXE".

I lost track for a moment with the new ones but I think they did "Sell Your Face" next. Building upon their eponymous self titled album from 2013, they have a new single out as a prelude to what the new album will bring and they played, "Atrophy" for us with most of the audience singing along as it was streaming on Spotify and other services prior to the show.

Coming into the home stretch of the set, they played the fan favorites, "Pearls 2 Swine", Dissolve, and the amazing, "Master of Decay" in rapid succession.

It was an awesome show and we were all sweaty but not done yet. The band got off of stage and moved through the crowd (the backstage area is actually on the opposite side of the club so really across from the stage, not back).

I was shouting "You're not done! We need to Eradicate some shit!" as they passed. After a few moments they returned to the stage and played "Eradicate" just as I was hoping they would.

That was a pretty great show to say the least. Tired, sweaty, and bleeding... yup, sounds like a kick ass Industrial show to me.

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