Aesthetic Perfection

Live at the Vanguard, Los Angeles, CA


by Travis Baumann

Das Bunker was putting on a special two night event and Los Angeles' own Aesthetic Perfection was one of the first acts on the main stage for the first night of the event.

This was the second or third time seeing a band at this venue but it seemed like they had done some renovations and made it a lot more accomodating for both the bands and audience.

My first encounter with Aesthetic Perfection was through songs played at local industrial dance clubs such as Das Bunker but they also were on heavy rotation at Perversion on Thursday nights as well.

Their most popular track clubwise is "Sacrifice" which started being in rotation way before their full length album saw the light of day.

One of the best Los Angeles DJ's and huge supporter of the local scene, DJ Bractune was into these guys early on and decided to make them the first band signed to his newly formed Bractune Records.

Aesthetic Perfection is the brain child of one man, Daniel who enlists the assistance from others to help out live.

The music falls into the terror body beat music or hellectro or terror electro, whatever you want to call the dark, sinisiter, pounding electro with heavily distorted, malignant vocals made popular by Suicide Commando who in my opinion started this style and maybe even a bit of Funker Vogt who made it even more dance friendly but kept the super evil type vocals in the forefront.

It is fitting that Aesthetic Perfection got signed to, Out of Line in Europe because that label carries a large portion of this style of music.

I believe Aesthetic Perfection does stand out from its peers in their variances in vocal styles and song structure which some bands lack.

My favorite song live is one called "Overcast". I especially like the chorus of this song when the lead singer plugs his mic into a small keyboard, a Nord II or something which he uses to process his voice in a vocoder type fashion. The chorus of this song, "I thought that I had control, I thought I could keep control," then becomes part of the music and is really awesome.

"I Belong to You" as well as the club hit "Sacrifice" are also standout songs. The lead singer is full of energy moving around the stage and expressing himself vocally and as well as his body language.

I eagerly await more from this band. I only know of the one album released entited, "Close to Human" but I am also aware that the main man behind Aesthetic Perfection has a side project known as Necessary Response.

I have not heard it yet but I have read it is more mellow with some roots in synth pop type song structures and less distortion and angst vocally. Since he has been playing as Necessary Response with bands like De/Vision that could be the case. Aesthetic Perfection is growing strong as it is one of the best terror acts out there.