Lords of Acid

Live at The Regent Theatre

Los Angeles, CA

February 22nd, 2019

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

The Lords of Acid return to Los Angeles supporting their latest album, "Pretty in Kink". Created by prolific Belgian electronic artist, Praga Khan, and featuring a group of musicians brought together from a number of top industrial and electronic acts, they present a showcase of material ranging from the latest release all the way back to their debut single from 1988.

With thirty years of music to span, they gave the audience a massive set list that covered the bases nicely. Joining Praga on stage was vocal newcomer, Marieke Bresseleers, Sin Quirin of Ministry fame on guitars, DieTrich Thrall on bass guitar, and Galen Waling on drums.

They kicked off the set with two from "Farstucker", namely "Sex Bomb" and "Scrood Bi U". Lords of Acid have always remained consistent with their raunchy hedonistic play on sex, drugs, and electronic infused acid house music, and they show no signs of letting up on that throttle.

They moved to the latest release for "Break Me" and "Sex Cam Girl" before hitting upon their ground breaking "Voodoo-U" release for the crowd favorite, "Out Comes the Evil".

High energy dance-hits flowed from the stage as they moved through their catalog of releases. "(A Treatise on the Practical Methods Whereby One Can) Worship the Lords" moved into "You Belong to Me" culminating in a medley of two of their earliest club pleasers in "Rough Sex/Take Control".

"Rubber Doll" concluded the first half of the set before blasting into the title track from "Voodoo-U" which kicked off the second half.

The played "Pussy" during which the lead singer coaxed a number of ladies from the crowd up on the stage to dance with her, followed by "Lover" both from "Our Little Secret". Returning to "Pretty in Kink" for "My Demons Are Inside" led into a slew of old favorites to close out the night.

"The Most Wonderful Girl" brought their debut "Lust" back to the front and they trailed it with another touch of "Voodoo-U" in the form of "Drink My Honey".

One final push of high energy distortion came with the infamous "I Sit on Acid" flowing directly into "Let's Get High" off of their debut "Lust" and then culminating in "The Crablouse" from "Voodoo-U".

It was a pretty amazing set list overall, touching upon their oldest to their newest releases and just about everything in between. I have to say my favorite songs were "Take Control" and "Let's Get High" as the nostalgia factor for these two is immense, especially when that heavy, dirty bass-synth kicks in.

I enjoyed this show even better than their tour a year and a half ago and I think that has a lot to do with the current lead singer who has loads of charisma on stage and big smiles through the entire show. She made it a fun party and not too serious or overtly raunchy despite the lyrical content and seemed comfortable despite being in front of a throng of people in very little clothing.

If you are an old time fan or just getting into their sound, I definitely recommend checking out the Lords of Acid.

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