Absurd Minds

review by Travis Baumann

At first I was hardly able to handle how closely Absurd Minds mimicked the sound of Project Pitchfork. I mean it is not just that his voice sounds like Peter Spilles, but his lyrics use many of the same themes if not lines directly taken from Project Pitchfork songs such as the chorus that goes "I remember you, you created me, I'll find my way home." This one combines lyrics taken from three separate Pitchfork songs and combines them into one chorus.

Now as I listened more and more to the albums I grew to enjoy and appreciate them despite the similarities and they are way more EBM orientated musically than PP. Seeing them live certainly increased my enjoyment of the albums and the band in no way takes on the physical mimicry of their inspiration which is good.

The band consisted of five guys, two on keyboards, one on percussion, one on bass, and the singer. The singer was active and energetic and sang perfectly, just like the CD's (ie just like PP). The crowd seemed to really enjoy the band and knew many if not all the songs they played. The clone sound is still a little hard for me to overcome entirely but I do enjoy them and songs like "I try to be an asshole" make me laugh.

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