I have always loved hard electro. From the time it was known as EBM and only had a handful of bands on the genre roster to now, where from the European continent alone has amassed dozens of bands that practice this hard-edge, mostly pure - electronically-driven music.

Over the years it has gotten increasingly more difficult for a band of this type to turn my head or offer a new take on the music despite it still being a favorite of mine. It was with much hype that Accessory appeared on the scene several years back, and now, with an EP and a full-length under their belt they were serious contenders for the electro fan.

We were able to work Accessory into our schedule at the 2002 WGT and looked forward to seeing their material live. I was especially fond of the Deadline EP.

They were one of the earlier acts for the Agra Hall down at the main headquarters for the festival which isn't always a blessing as the windows in the hall let a lot of daylight in for the earlier acts and most electro acts rely heavily on smoke and lights as well as projections for added entertainment value.

Accessory initially took the stage with only one member visible, the electronics maestro behind a rack of gear donning shades. As the momentum of his beats built, two singers ran out across the stage. They also both hid their eyes behind tinted visors, and wore an almost sporty, practical look.

The two vocalists were a combo of energy. They crisscrossed the stage taking turns on each side, belting out the lyrics, mostly in unison.

The two vocalist setup initially conjures reminiscent thoughts of Front 242 and And One but in my opinion Accessory's music is not only fresher, but so is the attitude and enthusiasm of the members.

They did a great job covering all my favorite tracks off both the full-length album as well as the newer EP for Deadline.

The lighting conditions didn't effect the show, as these guys don't really need to hide in banks of fog or blare out your eyes with lights, they just sang and moved around with such energy that it was contagious.

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