Live at The Saban Theater

Beverly Hills, California

September 12th, 2014

Review and Photos by Travis Baumann

Longtime Heavy Metal legends, Accept return to Southern California doing a special one-off show at the historic Saban Theater in Beverly Hills to support their newly released album, "Blind Rage".

I have seen these guys for each of the tours supporting their previous two albums since the rekindling of their flame in 2010 with the heavily lauded "Blood of the Nations" album.

They followed that up with the equally great "Stalingrad" two years later and now, an equal span of years after that, we get a third brilliant Heavy Metal album from some of the pioneers of the sound.

Spanning a ridiculous back catalog of major releases over multiple decades, the potential set list is enormous. The crowd for this event had a nearly equal span of age ranges with old and new fans ready to witness a showcase event.

They opened the set with the new album's first track, "Stampede". It's blazing guitar work blasted through the place like the proverbial bull in a China shop and set the right tone for the show immediately.

They followed that up with "Stalingrad" and "Hellfire" off the previous album, declaring and issuing in, the new reign of Accept.

The Saban is an odd choice of venue for a Metal band as, in my opinion, good Metal in a live situation cannot be enjoyed while sitting down. The seated sections are rather far back leaving room for something like an orchestra pit (but no pit so to speak).

The venue had sat folding chairs down into this area but once the band started, a large portion of the audience just bum-rushed the stage and stood there at the edge, as close to the band as they could get.

Accept continued with another new song, and one of my favorites from the new album, "200 Years", which tells the tale of the Earth 200 years after mankind has gone extinct through self destructive practices.

At this point it was time to give the old fans some love so they did "Losers and Winners" followed by "London Leather Boys" and then "Starlight".

Wolf is so much fun to watch play guitar, he makes so many faces and is always smiling and having such a good time doing it, he makes you enjoy it along with him.

They returned to the new album for "Dying Breed" and "Final Journey" before performing "Shadow Soldiers" and then "Ashes".

Another round for the old time fans brought us "Restless and Wild" with a heartfelt sing along from the crowd and continued with "Ahead of the Pack".

They did "No Shelter" a great song off of "Blood of the Nations" before hitting the crowd favorite, "Princess of the Dawn" which instigated another thunderous sing along each time the chorus came up.

The band was still going strong as they were not about to leave the stage yet. They did the awesome ballad off the new album, "Dark Side of My Heart", the rabble rousing "Pandemic", and then finished off the main set with the old standby, "Fast As a Shark".

The band left the stage but the chanting and applause soon brought them back out for an encore performance and they treated us to the classic, "Metal Heart" followed by their return to form, "Teutonic Terror".

No Accept show is complete without the song that put them on the map so many years ago, "Balls to the Wall" and they did a massively extended version with everyone singing along.

I love seeing Accept and this show was no different. We got an enormous set list and a great performance. The Saban Theater is a weird place to see shows and I wouldn't really recommend bands of this caliber or style play here, but I still loved the experience.

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