Aesma Daeva opened for Therion. I was not sure what to expect but these guys are a band to watch out for. It turns out that the lead singer is so awesome at operatic, epic style vocals that she is also one of the vocalists for Therion itself. Before I realized this I kept telling myself (and those around me) that these guys are going to go far. Her voice alone is stellar and the music invokes moody, gothic metal-scapes. At one point they did this really moving piece and then she explained that it was meant to invoke Minnesota in Winter (apparently some or all of the band are from there). Having grown up in Wisconsin prior to moving to LA, I can say they definitely captured the solitary, nearly melancholy beauty that is nature captured in the nearly life-stilling grip of Lady Winter. These guys are great, I think they were a perfect compliment to Therion on stage (and let me tell you, as a vocalist she is phenominal, both in her own band and in Therion (see that review for more details!). I will definitely be seeking out their albums and following their progress. I imagine these guys would find instant success in the Goth Metal scene in Europe by the way they captured my heart and others here in the States.
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