Aesthetic Perfection

Live at The Music Box

in Hollywood, CA

November 7th, 2010

Aesthetic Perfection have evolved into hometown heros for the Dark Electronic scene here in Los Angeles. Many bands have formed, disbanded, and regrouped here in the land of Lost and Fallen Angels but few have seen the following this project has garnered with only two albums released to date.

Aesthetic Perfection is the brain child of Daniel Graves and is predominantly a one man show when it comes to the creation and execution of the music. Daniel writes, performs, and sings on all the tracks for the studio releases but for live performances, he enlists a little help in the form of a live drummer and another member playing live keyboards and synthesizers.

Aesthetic Perfection became an underground hit here in LA before they even had a single pressed to disc thanks in many ways to Bractune for spinning it at legendary Industrial clubs such as Perversion and Das Bunker.

Their debut album, "Close To Human" was met with immediate acceptance into the dark electro realms and placed them on the map in European and American dark dance scenes.

It was the sophomore follow up, "A Violent Emotion" that really cemented that status and it was from this album that my favorite songs of the set were drawn from.

Floor smashers like "Spit It Out" whipped the crowd up into the heaviest frenzies of the entire night, establishing an enormous mosh pit in the center of The Music Box floor that none of the other bands could touch in terms of audience participation.

My personal favorite songs of the night were "Pale" and "The Ones" off of the second album, they were really well done and had some excellent sing along action from the fans.

Daniel always has a good rapport with the home audience and although he admittedly says it is his favorite place to play every time, he really means it. The audience screamed back their response and it was definitely a well received show.

Amongst other songs of the set, I know he performed "Siren" and "Living the Wasted Life" off of "A Violent Emotion" as well. I had heard talk before the show that he was going to debut his new single "Devils In The Details" which he kicked the set off with. The song was really cool and a good start. If you sign up for the Aesthetic Perfection mailing list at their website, they are currently giving the single away as a free download!

The sound system at the Music Box is top notch, so the sound mix was great. Daniel had a lot less distortion and effects on his voice than some of the times I have seen him perform before but it worked well.

As I stated before, I really loved "The Ones" which is a pretty creepy song when you read the lyrics and has a high-pitched keyboard piece that reminds me of a distorted children's lullaby made into the instigator of nightmares. This song has a less aggressive vocal delivery than some and you can really hear Daniel's singing voice come out on songs like this.

Daniel always puts on an energetic stage show that helps to whip the crowd into the aforementioned frenzies. At times, even when the rest of his body is nearly static, his head is just a blur of motion. The drummer sits with his kit sideways so he is more accessible to the audience and faces the keyboard player who is directed towards stage center in stance as well.

Overall, it was a great turn out, completely packing the large Music Box venue, and the crowd was an extremely energetic and well natured audience, completing the experience. I would highly recommend seeing these guys even if they were on their own, let alone playing with Combichrist.

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