Live at Ozzfest

San Bernardino, CA

September 24th, 2016

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Allegaeon are a Technical Melodic Death Metal band from Fort Collins, Colorado. They kicked off the day at Ozzfest by opening the Monster Energy Drink stages out in the infernal heat of the San Bernardino mountain area.

Their latest album, "Proponent For Sentience", was just releasing as of this weekend performance and they had a good crowd gathered for so early in the day and with so many bands yet to come.

The band consists of Riley McShane handling vocal duties, Greg Burgess and Michael Stancel taking care of the guitar onslaught, Corey Archuleta on bass guitar, and Brandon Park on drums.

They kicked off the set, and Ozzfest, with "Threshold of Perception" after being introduced by the host of "Liquid Metal" radio and welcomed to Ozzfest at large. The audience was prepared and went into beast mode despite the heat and time slot.

The musicians themselves looked to be enjoying themselves on stage and were happy with the crowd response. Their songs are intricate and border on progressive attitudes while still maintaining the extreme heaviness of Death Metal.

They played "Grey Matter Mechanics", "Iconic Images", "Of Mind and Matrix" and "1.618" to the best of my knowledge. Their subject matter and lyrics seem mostly to be Science Fiction based tales, cautionary in that they touch upon potential real life issues right around the corner for mankind.

They gave a good performance and set the tone for the rest of the day in an appropriately heavy manner, I am glad I got there early in order to check them out. Their new album is pretty great too, I recommend giving it a listen if you are so inclined to good Technical Death Metal with a Melodic and Progressive edge.

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