Anneke van Giersbergen

Live at The Roxy Theatre

West Hollywood, CA

October 10th, 2019

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Anneke van Giersbergen is a multi-talented artist who has made a massive impact on the global metal scene through her involvement with a plethora of projects.

Her first introduction to many was her in role as the lead singer of the Dutch band The Gathering. Her work with Deven Townsend and Arjen Anthony Lucassen in both his Aryeon and Gentle Storm projects brought her to even more metal connoisseurs' attention.

Her current main projects include her latest group, VUUR and her solo project originally titled Agua de Annique, but now performing under her own name. Anneke is currently touring North America as the one woman opening act for Amorphis and Delain and this is the first time she has done so despite the number of years that she has been active in the metal scene.

Performing with acoustic guitar and her amazing voice she provided an intimate encounter that gave us a chance to experience her charming personality, sense of humor, and enormous charisma. She captivated a room full of metal heads and had everyone singing along to songs far outside the genre.

Anneke started off the set with the cover of "Ih-Ah!" which she was involved with for the Devin Townsend Project. It was interesting to hear her pare down the lush production to its basic essence and hold the entire song with just her beautiful vocals.

Likewise, her cover of Ayreon's "Valley of the Queens" was equally impressive. Anneke is one of Arjan's go-to performers, taking on multiple roles in his elaborate musical theater sagas. She also gifted the audience with wonderful banter between songs providing us incite into her world.

She followed up these two fan favorite projects with "Saturnine" from her time with The Gathering, before doing one of her songs that she wrote for her solo project called "Circles".

She asked at this point whether the audience would prefer a cover of KISS or Dolly Parton. The crowd overwhelmingly chose Dolly and heartily sang along to "Jolene".

She introduced the next cover by talking about what an amazing singer and song writer Chris Cornell was and hoped that may he rest in piece somewhere in the heavens. She proceeded to perform a moving rendition of "Like a Stone" from his Audioslave project.

Continuing with covers of some of her favorite songs, she played "Wish You Were Here" by Piink Floyd followed by "Cloudbusting" originally performed by Kate Bush.

For her final song of the night she introduced it by saying it was time to do one last song that was from the metal world, Iron Maiden's classic, "Wasted Years" which had the entire room singing along.

It was really great getting to see Anneke after all these years. She has contributed guest vocals to some of my favorite bands like Amorphis, Moonspell, Within Temptation and many more. She was part of The Sirens, a collective project of three of the best female singers in the metal world and so much more.

It is absolutely worth getting to the venue early to make sure you get to experience Anneke. Her voice, her humor, her beauty are all radiant and warm, a great way to spend any evening to say the least.

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