Live at the Fox Theater

Pomona, CA

May 12th, 2018

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Behemoth are a legendary extreme metal band out of Gdańsk, Poland. For over twenty-seven years they have been pioneering the dark and sinister metal scene in their country and around the world.

Currently on a massive farewell to Slayer tour, on the off nights they are playing a few select shows with Lamb of God and one of those dates lined up in Pomona, about an hour east of Los Angeles.

The Fox Theater was packed with metal fans, the line stretching around the block right up until Behemoth took the stage. Dressed in black and traditional corpse paint, Inferno was first out and perched up high behind his drum kit on a central riser.

Orion on bass and Seth on guitars came out from the sides and stood on their own risers in front of the two headed bird of prey crests that are a modification of the Polish coat of arms that Behemoth have adapted as their own.  Nergal himself emerged, his hooded visage silhouetted behind the twin cobras extending from the mic stand.

They tore into "Ov Fire and the Void" for their opening track. This song comes from their 2009 release, "Evangelion". They followed that up with two back to back songs from 2004's "Demigod" album including the title track followed by the powerful "Conquer All".

Their last studio album was "The Satanist" from 2014 and they did "Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer" from this release. Behemoth played a new song from thier upcoming album with "Wolves Ov Siberia" which sounded awesome live.

Going back to their 1999 EP, "Satanica" they played "Decade ov Therion" followed by the fan favorite "Chant for Ezkaton". Between the lighting, the makeup, the costumes, and the intense dark music, Behemoth build an epic atmosphere that comes to a monumental crescendo with their final song, "O Father, O Satan, O Sun!"

It has been ten years since I saw Behemoth last and it was really great getting to see them on this tour. It was an intense show that was worth the trek out from the city to say the least.

Catch them out on the road right now with all the other great bands on the Farewell to Slayer tour or if you are lucky, you can catch them on one of their shows with just Lamb of God, as we got to see two extra songs that they are not doing at the full lineup shows.

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