Live at Club Nokia

Los Angeles, California

June 21st, 2014

Review and Photos by Travis Baumann

Blackburner was a surprise opening act for industrial legends, Ministry on their "Relapse" North American tour.  I had no idea who they were or what they were about when I came to the show.

So, two cybernetic humanoid rabbits? Check. Playing a mixture of Dub, EBM, Industrial, house, and electronica? Yup. Glowing eyes, smoke clouds, theramin, and high energy? Yeah that pretty much sums it up.

Los Angeles based duo, Blackburner don large mechanical rabbit heads full of light-up features to put on a show that is a mixture of high-end DJ set, live guitar, keyboards, theramin, and occasionally vocals. Billowing smoke clouds give their illuminated gear atmospheric touches as the two of them move around the stage.

They perform a mixture of remixed tracks by other artists with a mash-up sensibility combined with some of their own original works. Their songs go from highly recognizable to more avant guard all during the course of one track.

Having had no previous knowledge or contact with this band it was a highly enjoyable surprise performance that had a good groove to it and a cool but humorous attitude.

I think most of the audience had a similar experience as by the time their set ended everyone was hollering and having a good time.

They are certainly something different and just the craftsmanship of their headgear alone is worthy of note. While not entirely my style of music, they are worth checking out as they have some cool riffage mixed in there and the overall aesthetic vibe of the show is very cool.

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