Review of the Tenth Annual Wave-Gotik-Treffen Festival

Friday, June 1, 2001 - This was the ninth and last band we saw on this day.

by Virtual Night Angel

BlutEngel is a project formed by Christian Chris Pohl. I have known about BlutEngel for a little over two years. It appears as though Chris hasn't been recording under the band name Seelenkrank for sometime, so for me BlutEngel has taken its place. Both Seelenkrank and BlutEngel as well as Chris' other important feature bands: Terminal Choice and Tumor stand the test of time.

I completely respect Chris for his abilities. He uses his strengths to bring visions of beauty and darkness into existence. All Chris' CD's have professional, vivid photographs with elaborate themes bringing his listeners closer to him and his ideas. Chris is powerful, attractive and an extremely talented man. When I listen to his CD's I wish I could see him and when I am watching him live I am content. I enjoy his voice while watching his actions. I would love to see some band videos and live performances on a DVD in the near future.

His performances stick out because he makes me feel exactly what a great live show should feel like. Chris has written, produced, recorded, engineered, choreographed and done lighting. He's very photogenic and a has a great dark sense of style. Chris Pohl's voice is a driving force that has replaced many older, talented bands who are not putting out the right material or any material out at all. With all the ideas Chris has brought to his fans I see him as a great creator of dark sound. He made a great decision working with Kati on BlutEngel's first disc, "Child of Glass." The song, "Weg zu mir" with vocals by Kati is one of the best songs. Nina's vocals and lyrics gave me a lasting impression on "Child of Glass." The female vocal tracks work well with all the other songs on both the releases. We have the special limited edition box of BlutEngel called, "Seelenschmerz." We saw a promotional picture of Kati on the BlutEngel website before the disc was available in Los Angeles. It only made us more eager to hear something fresh Kati and Chris worked on. We are pleased of Chris' finished work and the work of his guest vocalists. When we heard through the In Move Promoters that BlutEngel would play for the first time we were very interested in seeing the performance and began anticipating what it might be like. I also knew that Terminal Choice was going to play so I prepared for a double-dose of Chris Pohl and my second trip to Germany.

I will never forget the impressive Terminal Choice performance at Doomsday last year. Chris puts out songs that are influenced by classic industrial, gothic and rock music. The BlutEngel track "No God" is an example of the kind of rush Chris' music provides. He is motivating live and on CD and his music makes me want to dance. Chris opens minds to dark, dreamy worlds. The female members with Chris make this project a true desired sound. On "Seelenschmerz" both Kati and Gini entertained me with their different vocal tracks. I feel fortunate to have heard them both sing live. Kati was a real Dark Angel and wondrous on stage. Her voice was so sweet as she sang live. I can't stop thinking about the song, "My World" off the bonus CD. Gini sang the theme song, "Seelenschmerz" beautifully which she wrote the lyrics for. All three skilled vocalists sing on the track titled, "I'm Dying Alone." Every song they did do live was incredible. Another especially great song is Chris and Kati's "Soul of Ice." The bonus CD off "Seelenschmerz" is great to listen to. The track "Addicted" has an incredible beat with Chris' aggressive singing filled with expressive keyboard pieces creating dramatic effects that motivate.

Chris makes music seem easy. He plans inventive songs that build confidence and reliability. Chris is a professional that understands quality and believes in his creations. He has a knack for originating music. If you haven't had a chance to hear BlutEngel I recommend requesting the band at a club or buying it upon first sight. -VNA

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