Blood Red Throne

Live at The Fox Theater

Pomona, California

November 27th, 2010

Review and Photos by Travis Baumann

Blood Red Throne are a Black Metal band hailing from Norway. They are composed of members from a number of different bands, the two founders met while playing with the legendary Satyricon and decided to form their own band.

They formed in 1998 and have put out a number of albums since then. They are currently touring with the mighty Dimmu Borgir and Enslaved, both from their home country of Norway.

I honestly had never encountered these guys before the show, so it was a cool surprise to get introduced to a new band while going to see a couple of my favorites in the genre.

They are very much a traditional Death/Black metal band with extreme growled vocals, blazing guitars, and super fast drumming. They do not use synthesizers or orchestrations and are much more about up-front brutality.

They started the set off with "Smite", the guitar riffs creating a head banging wall of sound. Their members have been involved with Norwegian greats in the scene such as Emperor and Carpathian Forest and their sound is in this traditional foundation of Black Metal.

They played "The Light, The Hate" off their latest release, "Souls of Damnation" and then played "Chaos Rising!" off of "Affiliated With the Suffering". Just from the song and album titles you can see what their subject matter is about.

They continued the set with "Taste of God" off of their previous album, "Come Death" before doing a couple of songs off older albums with "Arterial Lust" and "The Children Shall Endure" off of their debut release.

They finished up the set with "Mephitication" off of "Altered Genesis". It was a cool performance, the band right at the edge of stage, and the singer with huge spikes on his arms. It was a good discovery for me, and I hope to see them again.

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