Cat Rapes Dog

review by Travis Baumann

This show was billed as the last show of Cat Rapes Dog ever. I have loved Cat Rapes Dog for years now. I enjoyed their first couple of discs and their offbeat sense of humor but it wasn't until Annihilie joined the band did their sound fit the bill for exactly what I was after. The song writing improved and became a more full-sound (not to shine any negative light on Magnus at all however, as his stuff is really great) and her vocals were the perfect addition.

With great anticipation we looked forward to Cat Rapes Dog even as we were watching so many of our other favorite bands. Finally Cat Rapes Dog took the stage but it was preceeded with the announcement that Annihilie is back is Sweden! I was so bummed it took me several songs to overcome the shock of seeing Cat Rapes Dog for the very last time live and no Annihilie.

Once I was able to adjust I did enjoy the show, quite a bit actually. To date this was the rowdiest show of them all. People were stage diving, crowd surfing, screaming along, and generally having a great time. Most of the audience went especially crazy on "People Love Me". The lead singer was as hyper and energetic as the crowd, the two feeding off one another.

In addition to the lead singer, Magnus was present playing guitar and wearing a hilarious white trash hat. There was another guitar player and a keyboardist as well balancing out the sound. Everything sounded really good, they played mostly songs from "People as Prey" but a few oldies as well such as "American Dream" and a few off "Secrets of God" as well.

I sure wish I could have seen the beautiful Annihilie play as well and sing (I love so many of the songs that she sings on) but it was still great to get to see Cat Rapes Dog one time before they hang up the live hat (a lot of bands have said they would not tour again but are touring now even without putting out material so who knows what the future holds).

So what project is Annihilie getting involved with? I am ready for more of her.

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