Cavalera Conspiracy

Live at The House of Blues

Los Angeles, California

May 4th, 2015

Review and Photos by Travis Baumann

Max Cavalera's exodus from Brazilian Thrash Metal band, Sepultura in 1996 sparked off a decade long feud between he and his band mate and brother Igor Cavalera.

While Max went on to form Soulfly Igor remained with Sepultura for four more albums until he too parted ways from the legendary South American band.

In 2006 Igor broke the silence with a phone call that lead to him reuniting with his brother and playing live at a benefit for Max's stepson who was killed in a car accident the same year Max left Sepultura and their feud began.

The two of them enjoyed playing together so much that they decided to start a new project together and with the Cavalera brothers together once more, Cavalera Conspiracy was born.

While Max still carried on with Soulfly and Igor is busy with his DJ project, Mixhell, Cavalera Conspiracy was an outlet that they would return to time and again over the next eight years, putting out three albums, the latest being "Pandemonium".

It is for the "Pandemonium World Tour" that they come to us here in Los Angeles, the final stop on a long trek. They opened the set with the title track from the new release, "Babylonian Pandemonium".

The new recording has many industrial touches, almost sounding like Ministry when they were at their most metal. Live, however they go for raw Thrash sounds with little of the additional distortion or down-tuning of the vocals and not much in the way of backing track so it definitely is like seeing them in their Thrash roots stage.

They played "Sanctuary" and "Terrorize" before they did "Refuse/Resist", working some of the Sepultura material into the set, which really got the audience excited.

They did "Territory" immediately after keeping the old-school Sepultura fans roving the pit. They came back to the new album for "Cramunhão" and then played "Not Losing the Edge" and "The Doom of All Fires".

At this point they did a cover of "Sum of Your Achievements" originally by Nailbomb. Max stood center stage, also playing guitar while singing. Igor was immediately behind him, pounding out the rhythms with a serious look on his face.

"Warlord" was up next followed by "Torture" which lead into a huge Sepultura medley consisting of "Beneath the Remains", "Desperate Cry", "Dead Embryonic Cells" and "Troops of Doom".

I was anticipating a song or two maybe of the Sepultura material but was happy they did so much of it. The crowd was in agreement as fans were cheering and moshing and loving the old selections.

They played one of their Cavalera Conspiracy fan-favorite songs, "Killing Inside" before doing two more Sepultura songs, "We Who Are Not as Others" back to back with "Attitude".

They ended the main set with "Inflikted" off of their debut album of the same name, and then left the stage. It didn't take long for them to be drawn back out and for the first song of the encore they played a cover of "Orgasmatron" originally by Motorhead.

They finished off the night with a song that everyone had been hoping to hear as they went through the old Sepultura favorites, "Roots Bloody Roots".

The show was a big hit with all the fans of both their current project and all of the older material they did. It was pretty much like seeing a Sepultura reunion show as much as a Cavalera Conspiracy show by the set ratio but no one was complaining.

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