Corrosion of Conformity

Live at the Fonda Theater

Los Angeles, CA

February 27th, 2018

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Corrosion of Conformity are a long-running metal band out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Their 1982 inception lies more heavily in punk and hardcore roots but through the decades, they have evolved into a blues-ladden doom metal outfit, currently running with three of their original members and have reunited with the vocalist from potentially their most successful era.

This year saw the release of "No Cross No Crown", their tenth studio album clocking in with fifteen tracks that exemplify their current doom metal sound with heavy bluesy riffing and classic vocal styles. They are currently touring with the mighty Black Label Society and their sound is a perfect fit for this lineup.

The band consists of original members, Woody Weatherman on lead guitar, Mike Dean on bass guitar and Reed Mullin on drums. The band has gone on hiatus, had lineup shake-ups and reformed over the years, but these three remain from the original 1982 founding. Joining them on vocals and rhythm guitar is Pepper Keenan who initially joined up with C.O.C. in 1989 and came back into the fold in 2014.

The set list featured mostly songs from their past albums, hitting upon many of the songs that got them international notice back in the day. Songs like "Bottom Feeder", "Vote With a Bullet", "Albatross", and probably their best known, "Clean My Wounds" were crowd favorites.

They only did "The Luddite" from their latest release which was cool to see live. I would have loved "Wolf Named Crow" from "No Cross No Crown" as well as a few other new songs but with a supporting slot, they only got ten songs before handing it over the headliner.

The majority of set was derived from 1994's "Deliverance" album with a few from "Wiseblood" and "America's Volume Dealer" in there as well. Fans of their material from the mid-nineties through the millennium were well-serviced and the audience was appreciative.

It was a good set with everyone on stage feeling the energy from the sold out show. I have been a fan of these guys since their debut and my tastes have evolved in similar fashion as their sound has over the years so it is great to be able to still enjoy a band from so long ago on a new level with their newest material being their best so far.

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