Live at 1720

Downtown Los Angeles, CA

September 27th, 2018

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Cold Waves Festival returns to Los Angeles for the second year in a row, offering three days of industrial and cold-wave acts from around the world.

Cocksure is one of the premiere bands participating, and a tent pole in the first night's lineup. From the resurrection of the Revolting Cocks original lineups at last year's festival comes two of the participants with their own offshoot project.

Chris Connelly of RevCo and Ministry fame along with the festival's main-man Jason "Acucrack" Novak have put together a project that is very much in the vein of Revolting Cocks but brand new material. Cocksure first started putting out albums in 2014 and just released their third full-length, "Be Rich".

They kicked off the set with "Hi Talez" from their sophomore album, "Corporate_Sting". Chris' vocals still have the signature delivery from the WaxTrax! days which is the primary draw for the band.

They moved to the new album for "Surgical Waste Repo Party". Jason played bass guitar and occasionally keyboards while lending his voice to the chorus. They had a live drummer with them who played a small kit on the opposite side of the stage with Chris in the center with a massive white suit on and sunglasses that looked like they had been taped together after a bar-room brawl.

Revisiting "Corporate_Sting" they did "Hustler Face". At one point Chris laid down on his back on the stage and flailed his limbs like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum.

"Be Rich" was released less than three weeks before this concert so received the showcase treatment it deserved. They did "Baby You, Me, and the Dark Web" and "Lotto Lout" from the album back to back.

They finished up the set with two from their debut EP, "K.K.E.P." with "Assault on Cocksure 13" and closing out the night with "Guilt, Speed, and Carbon".

It was a great performance, and as a long-time fan of Chris' stints with Revolting Cocks and Ministry, it was exciting to see him do new material in this style. Jason has been instrumental in revitalizing this sound and bringing it to major metropolises several years in a row now, and for that we are all grateful.

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