Clan of Xymox:

I don't exactly remember when I first heard Clan of Xymox, but it wasn't that long after moving to Los Angeles and that was nearly twelve years ago so it seems like I have been listening to these guys for as long as most of the other long-running Goth instigators. I remember being especially interested in them because of their name, it had a cool sound to it, like some secret guild or society of unknown knowledge and power.

Clan of Xymox definitely have a very soothing, melancholy beauty that is so prevalent in this scene. Sometimes the tracks have a dance able drive and rhythm but more often than not they are songs for interspection and internal reflection, for me personally anyway.

We had the opportunity to see them live for the first time at the 2002 Wave Gotik Treffen.

They were playing right between ASP (who we love) and Diva Destruction from our own part of the world so it worked out well.

I had heard that the band is predominantly based around the lead singer/song writer and that many of the musicians rotated in and out of the band so I was really only expecting him.

There was in addition to the Lead Man, a bassist and two people on keyboards but one of these would alternate to guitar on some songs.

They had a good mood set with their wardrobe and the lighting which played well with each other.

The set itself was varied from the enormous discography they have released, I found myself lacking for recognition of many of the songs but did recognize many as well.

We had just seen ASP perform and he put on an amazing show, there was so much energy. We were a little tired and the pace and beat of many of the Clan songs were just way too soothing and I found myself spacing out.

The sound system was excellent at Haus Auensee this evening and everything sounded great, especially the vocals. The vocalist has a very soft delivery compared to many of the acts at the festival and is probably what stood out most for me while watching them live.

I would have to say, these guys are not my all time favorite band but they did put on a great show and are highly respected in Goth circles around the world, so I do feel privileged to have experienced them live.

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