The Cruxshadows:

This was our second time seeing this American Goth band, the first being in our home city of Los Angeles (see our LA  coverage link at the end of the third page).

They were scheduled to play the main Agra hall as one of the feature acts in a very prestigious line up.

The usual suspects were on stage; Rogue as front man and vocalist with his trade-mark spiky hair, The dark haired violinist - this night dressed in lacy revealing attire, the red haired guitarist tied in a corset, and the blonde keyboarder that I never seem able to capture clearly on film no matter how hard I try.

In addition, two "go-go" dancers in red plaid skirts and Cruxshadows baby-tees danced at each edge of the stage. This was a new twist for them and frankly I felt it drew away from the mythos and the grandiose tales that the lyrics and band portray. With the dynamic female duo in the instrumental line up additional sex appeal is not necessary any ways.

As always, Rogue is the master of the audience, leaping down across the photo pit to make contact with his foreign fans. He actively instigates the audience into participation in his sing- alongs and is constantly in motion through-out the set.

At one point he scaled the support structure at the side of the stage from which the lights and speakers hung until he reached the top of said speakers and sang to the crowd from this vantage point for a verse and then climbed higher to swing around before coming back to the stage.

The musicians did a great job as usual, the violin adding a moving flair to the songs. All in all, they made a deep impression on the crowd, playing to an audience at least 20 times bigger (if not 50) than the L.A. show which I saw them last (which was sold out packed too).

The scene in Germany is just so amazingly big, it is really great to see an American band be received so well. Many Germans we spoke to felt this was one of the top experiences of the festival for them this year, which is high praise indeed with this festival's roster.

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