Live at 1720

Downtown Los Angeles, CA

September 28th, 2018

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

C-Tec originated in 1995 as a collaborative "super group" if you will, focused around the vocal talent of Jean-Luc DeMeyer known for his work with Front 242. Joining Jean-Luc is Cubanate master mind Mark Heal, Crisis NTI's Ged Denton, and Cyanotic's Sean Payne.

They put out several full length albums over the decades including "Cut" and "Darker" which formed the basis of the set. C-Tec toured way back in 1998 but this new tour is the first the band has performed in all this time.

C-Tec were the headlining act for this night of Los Angeles' Coldwaves Festival and drew a hefty amount of LA's industrial scene out of the woodwork for the rare showing.

Mark Heal handled keyboards and backing vocals while Ged handled keyboards and Sean played drums. Jean-Luc stood front and center with his signature shades and stoically gestured while his perfect voice recreated these classic songs.

The set kicked off with "The Lost" and flowed directly into their most well known hit off of their debut self titled album with "Let Your Body Die".

Continuing with "Flowing" and "Until We Disappear" it is apparent from the song titles alone that the songs represent a dark look at existence and the tragedy of life. "Stateless" was up next followed by "Gesellschaft" which means "society".

"She Left" continued the morose melancholy theme and lead into "Foetal" before they concluded the main set with "Epitaph". Jean-Luc is a man of few words allowing his vocals to convey any messages.

The band returned to the stage after a short interval to finish up the set with "Brutal" as their sole encore piece. It was a great performance with Jean-Luc's flawless voice being backed up by a core of ultra-talented musicians and definitely a rare treat to witness.

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