Daddy Long Legs:

I had never heard of this band before, but Tina had received a number of promotional emails and online material from them. We knew of their name but even with their promo material we didn't know much of what to expect.

The band took the stage and had in the line up; two drummers, a violinist, a guitarist and a the vocalist (dressed in sparkly silver) also donning a guitar when necessary. In addition there was a guy who played all sorts of instruments from accordions to lutes and mandolins and other traditional instruments.

The appearance of the band was not enough to gage style on, but guessing they could be eclectic but with pop sensibilities was my first guess and although they could be classified as that they definitely had an appeal to the goers of the festival. One element was the inclusion of traditional instruments in their line up and at times and neo-folk attitude, but also the mood and nature of the songs themselves lent a cool feel to the music.

A serious energy was instantly attained by the dual drummers who seemed to be wholly enjoying themselves.

The violinist added an attractive female element to the stage as well as some excellent string parts, which to me was a great focal point of the songs.

The singer looked a bit like a pop-star in the silver but with his great voice and dynamic expressions added feeling and warmth to the vocals and really made me appreciate his abilities.

The band was the first on for this day and played a great set filled with energy. The band really seemed to enjoy not only being on stage, but playing their music with one another and for the audience.

I have yet to track down a CD of theirs but not from lack of trying. I would definitely like to hear more from these guys and would say they are a great way to start off your day at the Wave Gotik Treffen.

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