Darzamat were a new find for me as I went through the extensive roster of bands playing this year's Wave Gothik Treffen. I read a few reviews but couldn't find material by they online at this time, but from what I read, it sounded like a really good opportunity to find a new Goth-Metal band. They are crazy, super heavy guitar, nasty male harsh vocals, mixed with haunting female vocals and bombastic yet classical keyboard work entwined. We found the self-tited album and started to get into them after the lively show we saw here. We enjoy that first album but I would have to say that the new album "Transkarpatia" is freakin' awesome and even better! There are songs that move between male and female vocals every other word that are seriously haunting and really cool. There is also spoken word by the female vocalist, Nera that is basically a witch trial played out in aural theatre and I really like it. Especially where she says:

"Am I a Witch? Yes, I am a wicked woman turned aside to Satan, seduced by demons. I pass over great spaces of the earth during the nights, obeying commands of my Mistress Diana."

I mean how great of lyrics is that!?!? Check these guys out, but be warned they are not for the light of heart, as Gothik as the vampiric, romantic-witch themes that permeate the entire album are, this band is Dark Metal and super heavy! This is my first excursion into dark music from Poland and I love it. These guys do something different than other bands and have a really cool theme and idea behind their music as well.

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