Live at The House of Blues

Hollywood, California

November 6th, 2014

Review and Photos by Travis Baumann

Decapitated are a Death Metal band hailing from Poland. They are classified as Technical Death Metal but I honestly have a hard time discerning these type of nuances withing the genre, its either Melodic or its harsh to me and these guys lie on the harsher side of things but they have a solid groove and style to them that sets them apart.

Decapitated have been around for quite some time but a tragic automobile accident in Russia in 2007 left one of the founding members, Vitek, dead and their singer at that time ended up in a coma. The remaining members disbanded as the founding guitarist lost his brother in that accident and could not go on.

In 2011 that original founding guitarist, Vogg decided that the band had to go on, in memory of his fallen brother as well as to quell his own inner demons. It was in 2011 that they put out the excellent "Carnival is Forever" and it was with this release that I first got into Decapitated.

This year, 2014 they put out their second album since reforming, "Blood Mantra" and it was for this new release that they were touring North America as direct support for the legendary Gwar.

They opened the set with "Veins" off of the new album. Their music is a blast of brutal drums and cymbal crashes. Their guitar and bass build a formidable wall on top of the percussion. The lead singer sings in the extreme Death Metal style gesturing and moving about the stage.

They drove straight into "The Blasphemous Psalm to the Dummy God Creation" off of "Blood Mantra" and moved right on to the title track from it as well.

The band consists of the forementioned founding guitarist, Vogg laying down the six stringed assault. Their bassist, Pavel built a solid but grooving wall on the lower end while their cheery looking drummer, Michal blasted out beats. Their lead singer Rafal was an imposing fellow all in black with huge dreads and the sides of his head shaved.

Their next song was either "Pest" or "Nest", I could not remember. "Nest" is off the newest release but "Pest" is off the previous album so if it was "Pest" it was the only song not off the new album that they did.

They finished off the set with "Exiled in Flesh" and "Instinct" both off of "Blood Mantra" as well. It was a really cool show and my first time seeing them live.

I enjoyed it thoroughly and they were a good prep for the more silly spectacle that is Gwar. I highly recommend picking up both of their last albums as they are definitely some of my favorite Death Metal releases.

It would be cool to see these guys do a headlining show as they did not have enough time as openers to really give us a full set, but what we did get to see was awesome.

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