Virtual Night Angel's Perspective:

I did not own any De/Vision CD's prior to seeing the show. There were four people on stage, two keyboardists, one guitarist and one vocalist. Steffen wore all white. His voice is really decent live which is quickly apparent when hearing him. I'm really glad I got to hear Steffen sing, and hear the band play live. I ended up really enjoying De/Vision's sound. The music and vocals have a higher commercial appeal. It's very catchy, and I continue to listen to their most recent release, "Void". Some of my favorite songs are "Re-Invent Yourself", "Foreigner", and "Ride On A Star".

De/Vision are very experienced musicians and have many CD's out. I can't believe how many of their releases I saw available in Germany. The songs on "Void" are in English, but the band is based out of Germany. I read Markus Ganssert, one of the keyboardists left the band, just days after he performed live at Doomsday.

 Travis' Commentary:

My only encounter with Devision previously is the Sub-Out comp remix of "Re-invent Myself" by Daniel Myer aka Cleener which I enjoyed a lot and got stuck in my head something fierce. The set started with this track which instantly gave a familiarity to the music and the version they did live was very moving and upbeat.

The band consisted of the two keyboard players, one in a magenta and blue sweater tank-top kind of thing on the left and one on the right had a cool hairdo, shaved on top with shocks of hair in back that stuck out and whipped around as he played. A guitarist played live with them in a black Motorhead shirt. The singer wore white jeans and shirt.

Overall, they don’t have the persona of industrial or “dark” and neither does their music but I really did enjoy them despite that being my main preference. They played very danceable songs that carried well at the festival. I found myself saying during and afterwards how surprised I was by them and how I expected them to be a little mellower sounding.

I have since bought the Void CD and although not quite as powerful on disc as they are live I find it to be pretty catchy synth-pop with an edge that attracts me despite me not being too into the synth-pop thing.