Marc Jay-Kevin Marburg-Pat Toves-Vince-Cory




Diatribe is an original band from San Jose, California, attracting groups and individuals in the underground-industrial scene. I became interested in Diatribe after buying the EP's, "Therapy" (1991) and "Nothing" (1992), a few years ago. On the "Nothing" EP, Nivek Ogre produces, engineers, and mixes with Lee Poppa for Diatribe on two extremely cool songs called, "Kingpin" and "Nothing".

I was waiting for some new material from Diatribe. The last time I saw them was for the Angst Fest with KMFDM and Sister Machine Gun, two nights in a row in 1994. Just a few days ago a flyer arrived, the day before the show. A new picture of the Diatribe bondage girl, in a full black leather jumpsuit with angel wings, halo, and a sweet little black cat on a leash at her side. Kevin Marburg is the incredible artist and bassist for the band. Another favorite band of mine, 16 Volt, had Kevin design their new concert T-shirt, too!

Thanks to Diatribe's manager, Lawrence Christopher, I was able to find out some inside information, like Diatribe having a song in the movie, "Strange Days". Lawrence introduced Travis and I to the vocalist, Marc Jay, as soon as we got there. There wasn't a line and was told the current band playing sucked, but we went in anyway. It so happened, all the bands but Diatribe sucked and they were the last ones to play. I was happy having the privilege to talk with Marc, Kevin, Cory & Lawrence until they had to get the equipment set up.

The new demo and artwork are finished, hopefully the CD will be coming out soon. It will be signed to a different label. Diatribe opened strong with a new song, "Sick The Dogs", that I had never heard before. Marc Jay heightened the sound with additional drums. Cory, their current live drummer gave a great performance with the other four members. Diatribe had a special guest appearance by Lee Poppa, who engineered the show at the Whisky. The other new material included: "World on Fire", "New Breed", "Another Time", "Freaks", "The Son", and "Web", all awesome live! I describe it as strikingly influential, mood soothing, a calling to keep our minds open and our dreams alive!

Only 50-75 people saw Diatribe because it wasn't advertised. Diatribe plans on playing in San Francisco Friday, Oct. 13th, 1995. They will be back in Los Angeles on or around Oct. 22nd, 1995 at the Roxy.

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