Diva Destruction:

Having Diva Destruction based out of Los Angeles, you would have thought that I would have encountered them live before but unfortunately the one time they were set to play with Sanguis et Cinis here, their drummer was in a car accident the night before and so they were not able to perform (althought Debra did play keyboards for Sanguis et Cinus).

Tina and I had purchased her first CD some time ago and we were familiar with Debra’s gothic melodic styles (like darker Siouxie material) and events at the festival would work out perfectly for us to catch her show.

The German audience was highly anticipating their performance as they are always eager for acts from across the ocean and this event at Haus Auensee was extremely packed.

The band came on stage, Ben on guitar, Sharon on keyboards, and a drummer (sorry don’t know him) were in place as the first song began.

Debra then entered in a long flowing outfit with streamers in her hair and attatched to her sleeves.

She whirled about in the lights and began singing. Her look was reminiscent of a fairy queen like Kate Blanchet’s elven princess from LOTR. Her voice sounded strong and clear and she performed like a pro before the huge audience.

It was good to finally get to see them play live and they did a good job performance-wise as well as presence-wise. Debra definitely stood out among the performers.

We met Ben and his wife after the show and told him we thought it sounded really good. He said they were sweating bullets right up until they went on because of power-conversion problems with their electronic gear. At the last minute they got it to work but almost had to cancel their show. Lucky for everyone, they were able to perform.

Over the last day of the festival as we talked with fellow concert goers, we would ask people what their favorite band was this year and an enormous number of people cited Diva Destruction. This show went a long way to cementing this band into peoples hearts.

I recently heard that Debra has reduced the line-up to just herself once more (after her second album release and a successful European tour) so we will see what the future holds for her/them, hopefully a new album and then follow-up dates here and abroad.

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