Live at Catch One

Los Angeles, CA

February 7th, 2020

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Das Bunker presents the History of Industrial with a special performance by Dive. Dive was formed in 1990 by Dirk Ivens, the pioneering Belgian electronic artist from bands such as Absolute Body Control, Blok 57, Sonar, and most notably in the industrial scene, The Klinik.

Dive is known for the distorted crunchy beats that build a powerful base with experimental samples and synthesizers layering the melodies and atmosphere. This is all topped off with Dirk's introspective lyrics delivered in what would become a classical electro-industrial fashion.  Not quite shouted, not entirely melodic but powerful in every verse.

Dive's stage show involves just Dirk on stage with strobing lights blurring and compounding his visage as he moves about the stage in bursts of energy to the distorted percussive blasts of his music.

Dive presented over an hour of material ranging from some of his best work as Dive but also in honor of the event being the History of Industrial he also gave us a number of the classic Klinik tracks as well.

He kicked it off with "Insanity" from 2002's "Lies In Your Eyes". Dirk's music is insanely noisy and crunchy and I just love it. A huge influence on my own tastes as well as on the scene overall, he has been instrumental in elaborating on the original basis of the scene and contributing to many of the sub-genres that have since spun off.

Dive's latest album "Underneath" came out three years ago and he performed several songs from this release including "Something", "Far Away" and the instant fan favorite "Sacred Skin".

I loved the whole set but some of the other stand-outs for me were "Bloodmoney", "Machinegun Baby", and the moving "Heart and Soul".

The audience gave a huge reaction to the selections from his classic Klinik songs including "Pain and Pleasure" and probably the biggest fan favorite of the night, "Moving Hands".

It was an awesome show to say the least. I love seeing Dive, it is amazing what one man on stage can do, especially when backed up by his legendary music.

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