Live at The House of Blues

Hollywood, California

February 22nd, 2013

Review and Photos by Travis Baumann

Doro Pesch, or just Doro as she is known is the reigning "Queen of Metal". Since the 1980's she has been rocking the world with her signature brand of heavy metal.

Originally the vocalist for the band "Warlock" she eventually branched out on her own and has been putting out rocking heavy metal albums for over thirty years.

Doro just put out another full length album called "Raise Your Fist" and was touring in support of this release. She hails from Dusseldorf, Germany and was recently honored with the Golden God Legend award and was celebrating 30 years on the stage with this tour.

For this celebratory outing, she would incorporate songs from all over her music career including doing quite a few songs from her time with "Warlock". She would of course do her new anthem "Raise Your Fist In the Air" but she did a lot of surprising tracks too.

I was happy to see that they had recently recruited the guitarist from "After Forever" to join their lineup and the rest of the musicians were definitely seasoned rock veterans as well.

She ended up doing a massive set with a double encore of at least three songs each time she came back out. Highlights from her solo albums included "Hero", "Unholy Love", "Revenge" and the classic "Love Me In Black".

There were a lot of "Warlock" songs that I was not totally familiar with but some of my favorites that she played tonight included "Burning Witches", "I Rule the Ruins", both of which were great for early tracks of the set as they have so much energy and sounded great live. She also did "Metal Racer" and "Earthshaker Rock" as well as "Hellbound".

Doro had a huge smile on her face the entire performance, you can tell she is in her element and truly loves what she does. She also did a great cover of "Breaking The Law" originally by Judas Priest before the first encore break.

It was a really great show, she did at least twenty songs and just kept knocking them out.

I am really glad IĀ got to see this rock icon and heavily encourage anyone into metal to check her out live. She is truly a living legend and keeps on touring and rocking the world.

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