Doro Pesch

The Voice of Warlock

Live at the Whisky a Go Go

West Hollywood, CA

September 16th, 2017

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Prior to Doro Pesch, "The Reigning Queen of Metal", embarking on her prolific solo career, she was the voice of Warlock. The seminal German heavy metal band put out four albums back in the 1980's that placed them in the history books of the world heavy metal scene with many fans still listening to those albums to this day.

2017 marks the thirtieth anniversary of their final and best album, "Triumph and Agony". In honor of this anniversary, Doro has rejoined forces with guitarist Tommy Bolan for a limited-run North American tour, the final night being here in Los Angeles.

The Whisky was packed to the rafters with fans ranging from very young to the opposite end of the spectrum. Portions of the audience had flown in from all over the country as well as Doro's homeland and neighboring Luxembourg as well.

Keeping us all in suspense, Doro finally emerged to the roaring crowd. Her ultra blond hair standing out in the dim room like a firebrand. They started off the set with "Touch of Evil" reviving the three decade old material with fresh stage energy from the first song.

Doro is very enthusiastic, a huge smile on her face for the entire performance. For the anniversary of "Triumph and Agony" they were going to do every song on the album but were mixing it up in order.

"I Rule the Ruins" was up next followed by the crowd pleaser, "East Meets West". The audience was singing along to every verse and twice as loud on the chorus.

Doro recognized some fans from Germany and Luxembourg in the front and she got quite excited, saying they had been with her since the beginning and their devotion meant the world to her.

Continuing through the songs from the album "Three Minute Warning" was followed by "Kiss of Death". For the next song, one of the guitarists went to a keyboard on the left side of stage and the bassist went to a keyboard on the right side of the stage. The tandem keyboards set the tone for one of Warlock's most popular hits, "Für Immer".

Doro moved around the stage, taking time to shake hands and fist bump all of her fans in the front while singing the emotional ballad. This song marked a good half way through the album and as it finished everyone left the stage except for Tommy Bolan who proceeded to shred out one insane guitar solo.

It was pretty impressive to say the least. At points he seemed to be using a magnetized ring that lit up as he would just strum his hands in the air inches above the strings and create crazy musical moments laced in distortion and feedback.

Doro and company rejoined Tommy for "Cold, Cold World". Doro introduced the next song as one they never played on stage for prior tours but it was an important song with a strong message, that being "Make Time for Love".

"Metal Tango" coming on it's heels meant there was only one track left from this release, and it was by far their biggest hit of all Warlock songs. "All We Are" was well known in Europe and the US, it received high rotation back in the day via "Head Bangers's Ball" and MTV, and was definitely the high light of the show. Doro took the mic around the venue and had fans join her in singing the iconic chorus.

With the album complete, Doro began taking requests from the audience, directing suggestions back to older Warlock material as opposed to her own solo material. They played a number of songs including "Earthshaker Rock", "Burning Witches" and a cover of Skyline's "We Are the Metalheads" to finish out the night.

It was great seeing Doro on stage once more and while she has included the occasional Warlock song in the shows devoted to her solo material, it was really cool to experience her performing solely Warlock material and with Tommy Bolan joining her for this occasion.

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