Live at The Whisky a Go Go

West Hollywood, CA

March 26th, 2022

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Doyle is the eponymously named band featuring DoyleWolfgang von Frankenstein. Blazing a path beginning with the legendary act, The Misfits, and continuing with cult favorites Samhain and beyond, Doyle continues to bring his signature guitar work along with his iconic appearance to Los Angeles for a two night showcase at the world-famous Whisky a Go Go.

Of massive stature, the muscle bound "Vegan Beast" as his trademark branding goes, towers above the crowd for the "Abominate The World As We Die" tour.

Feature nearly equal parts of both of the Doyle albums, "Abominator" and "II: As We Die", they put on an eleven song set featuring many fan favorites such as "Kiss Me As We Die", "Mark of the Beast", "Witchcraft", and "Dreaming Dead Girls".

Joining Doyle on stage are his cohorts in horror-themed punk-encrusted metal with Alex "Wolfman" Story on vocals, Wade Murff on drums, and Brandon Strate on bass guitar.

Alex's vocals at times hit similarities to Danzig, whose voice helped bring fame to the Misfits early on, but he is definitely his own beast with a bit more howl and rage, and a good share of southern flare as well. He started off the show with a leather-daddy fetish mask only showing his eyes and mouth. This helped put the focus on the monster-man, Doyle, but I was glad when he took it off later in the show, as it made his connection to the audience stronger.

The Whisky was packed with fans, an aggressive circle pit blazing across the main floor of the venue for the entire show. Doyle doesn't speak, or even emote much, he just crouches down into his playing stance and gives a powerful performance on his signature custom guitar with the classic devilock hair style that he has sported since the early Misfits era.

It was an awesome experience getting to see Doyle in action, I listened to the Misfits since I was in junior high and was heavily influenced by their music and style so its great to see him still shredding hard 40+ years later.

Doyle as a music entity will appeal to horror-punks fed on Misfits and Samhain surely, but it also feeds into its own metal monster-mash that drives its fan-base in and of itself. Loud, aggressive, and crass. Filled with moshing riffs and bombastic low-end... it takes you back in time while being fresh and new which is exactly what brought everyone out to the show.

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