review by Travis Baumann

I discovered E-Craft with the release of their last full-length and have been a fan since. They have a good pounding electronic sensibility with cool catchy songs and a pretty hardcore electro-mentality which sits well with me. I was half tempted to run across town to catch Megadump but due to the distance and fear of missing not only E-craft but the band we were running to see we opted to stay put and be assured of seeing at least one of the two bands.

E-craft consisted of three members on stage. Behind percussion pads on the left the first member emerged wearing urban camouflage and a sweatshirt. The keyboardist came out next in a yellow/black pattern camo and finally the lead singer, his hair shaved into the trade-mark turn-up wisp in the front (which was quite a popular hairstyle amongst the audience members if you can imagine).

The vocalist was dressed in layers, a large stylish leather jacket and gloves in the hot daylight were the outer garments and first to go. As the set progressed, he kept removing layers. He revealed an all black, long-sleeve shirt sporting a white priest's collar which was quite entertaining to see. He eventually stripped down to just a muscle-tank and pants and was still dripping sweat.

They did all my favorite tracks both off the last album "Electrocution" as well as a number of the earlier albums I had accumulated. The vocalist was extremely energetic striding from one side of the large stage to the other, working the audience up with each song. Of all the bands we had witnessed on this first day, E-craft got the crowd the most worked up with small mosh circles forming and chorus chant-alongs adding power and strength to the crowd favorites.

Although I feel bad for missing Megadump whose debut album and follow-up EP both had impressed me greatly, I was very pleased with my E-craft experience and would definitely enjoy seeing them again. It also increased my listening pleasure and appreciation for the CDs having seen them live.

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