review by Travis Baumann

Elegia was initially supposed to go on between Cryptic Carnage and Janus but after a bit of delay Janus took the stage (see review - they were awesome). We thought at first maybe Elegia would just cancel but they came on after.

Elegia had a number of flyers circulating the festival which stated this was their first appearance outside of Japan. An audience member we were talking to said they were mostly from Brazil with one or two Japanese members.

Their stage presence was very much a gothic appearance with their hair done up similar to a Robert Smith type thing but a bit more dreadlocky in appearance. The lead vocalist was a tall slender guy in black body-suit type material. Accompanying him was a drummer, guitarist, and a female back-up vocalist.

Overall they were ok but I found them a little slow especially coming down after the fantastic experience of seeing Janus live. I think they have a kind of cool look but a dark shadowy club would do them more justice than bright sunshine. The female vocalist seemed to be more there for show and presence as her parts were usually one word verses more said than sang but she did add a nice bit of ambiance and extra vocal power on the chorus.

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