Live at the House of Blues in

Los Angeles, CA


Exodus are practically the definition of Thrash Metal. With a longevity lasting thirty years, these guys have the crowd rousing abilities of 1980’s punk music with the musical talent and riff construction of modern dark metal.

Exodus were the direct opener for Arch Enemy on this tour which was a great team up of aggression. Exodus’ front man Rob Dukes knows how to work a crowd like no one else. Being from an older school of moshing he had to give a lesson or two to the new era of fans. “You go in a big circle, if someone falls, you pick them up”. Los Angeles’ younger metal heads have a tendency to smash into each other and leave each other on the ground which is not proper moshing etiquette so it was good he helped them out. From that point on, there were huge pits going and lots of crowd surfing.

My favorite songs of the set were “Children of a Worthless God” and “Deathamphetamine”. They did a fairly decent length set for as many bands as were scheduled tonight which was cool. Rob stood out from the rest of the band with his short hair and a Rangers jersey in blue while everyone else sported the traditional black and long hair.

Towards the end of the set, Rob had the audience split in two down the middle. He then said when he gives the signal, the two sides will “kill each other”. He definitely had control of the crowd as they did just that, they parted like the Red Sea and then writhed on their sides of his dividing line. “Wait for it… Wait… Kill each other!” and the two sides flew into one another like a massive wave slamming against the other. It was definitely a huge mosh frenzy the likes I have not seen at this venue ever and not for years in LA in general but never quite like that anywhere.

Exodus are definitely a high energy band that works the crowd up. I am not surprised Megadeth has tapped them to open up on their next tour as well, but honestly any band that follows them has a lot to live up to.

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