Live at The Novo

Los Angeles, CA

October 6th, 2016

Review and photos by Travis Baumann

Fallujah are a Metal band out of San Francisco that have created their own sub-genre known as Atmospheric Death Metal. They utilize ambient guitars, keyboards, and melodic female vocals in addition to the standard kit of a Death Metal group, such as the brutal double kick drums and an additional guitarist laying down the heavy riffs.

The band consists of Alex Hofmann on vocals and keyboards, Scott Carstairs and Brian James on guitars, Rob Morey on bass guitar, and Andrew Baird on drums.

Part way through the set Tori Letzler came out and joined the band for the rest of the performance lending the female vocals that are featured on their new album, "Dreamless" that came out earlier this year on Nuclear Blast Records.

I am fairly new to Fallujah, I just started listening to them with the release of this new record, but I was immediately drawn to the juxtaposition of beautiful ethereal sounds and textures with the brutality of the Death Metal elements.

Watching them live brought all those things I loved about the record right up in front of you and sounded even better. I really loved the ambient guitar walls that laid a lush, thick atmosphere, especially when combined with the keyboards and symphonic elements.

They started off the set with a song from their previous album, "The Flesh Prevails" with "Sapphire" and then played "Amber Gaze" from "Dreamless".

Their songs seem fantastical, rich in storytelling in both the subject matter and the delivery. They played "Scar Queen" next followed by two more from the previous album, "Alone with You" and "Allure".

I believe at this point is when Alex introduced Tori and said that this was her first time touring with them. Once she joined them they played songs from the new album that featured her vocals including "Abandon", "Wind for Wings" and the finale of the set, "The Void Alone".

It was a great set and I am really glad I made it to the show early as they went on at 7:00 PM sharp and I did not want to miss any of it. I highly recommend checking these guys out as they are definitely unique.

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